City and Guilds Diploma in Professional Cookery

What to expect from a Professional Cookery Diploma

Presentation of work must be neat and appropriate to the task. You should prepare a front cover for each assignment and a contents page to exhibit your work in a clear and logical sequence. It is advisable to label each task so that is easy to find.

You are encouraged to word process your assignments where relevant, but this is not a requirement. For research and report tasks, you may wish to refer to books, information given to you by your tutor and internet research. If internet research is carried out, remember to include a reference to show where information originates from.

During the City and Guilds Professional Cookery course, students must also provide the answers to assignments in their own words –copying from textbooks and articles is strictly prohibited and your assessor will be able to tell if you have simply downloaded material or copied it.

Students may also wish to include relevant charts, pictures and leaflets collected during study. Use colours, symbols and diagrams where you think they will help to illustrate your work. Dedicated tutors will guide you if there is any part of the assignment that you do not understand.


The assignments given to you throughout your course will ask you to carry out a combination of tasks relating to the specific units you have been studying.

These assessments will involve:

  • Demonstrating your subject knowledge
  • Displaying the occupational skills you have acquired

The assignments given to you through your hospitality and cookery courses will assess your level of skill but they are also there to support your learning. The tasks are generally graded and you can be awarded a pass, a merit or a distinction grade, depending on how well you perform.

To complete the assignment work for a whole unit successfully, you need to achieve at least a pass in all the tasks. Your tutor will explain what you have to do to get each grade.

Professional cookery practical assessments

As well as completing written assignments, you will also be assessed by undertaking a number of practical tests. Some will consist of single plates, whilst others will be comprised of a number of dishes. Your tutor will explain these to you between one and three weeks before the date of each test, so that you have a chance to prepare for them.

Whilst studying for a professional cookery diploma, students must ensure that they understand all the relevant health and safety rules and legislation before taking their practical tests. Please note that if you are observed performing in an unsafe manner at any time during the test, your assessor will immediately stop the assessment.

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