Business Services

Industry and employer links

At the Swale Skills Centre, we take pride in fostering great working partnerships with local business in the community, along with our advisory board, which is made up of a number of prominent industry leaders.

Together with these industry professionals, the centre helps to steer keen students in the right direction.

Listening to the needs of the industries, we effectively train apprentices so that they have a sound understanding of their chosen sectors. As part of this mutually beneficial relationship, we can offer a number of additional services for businesses, including:

Bespoke industry training

From accredited first aid and fire safety courses, to tailor-made training agendas developed to identify and bridge skills gaps, we offer a number of popular training schemes for businesses.

Find out more about our bespoke and industry training.

Apprentices for businesses

Taking on an apprentice will help you to build upon and mould your own workforce exactly the way you’d like to.

At the Swale Skills Centre, we believe that taking the time to train new apprentices can be rewarding, highly beneficial and is particularly important when planning for the future viability of your business.

With funding incentives available for many local businesses in Kent, there has never been a better time to benefit from pledging a placement.

Find out more about taking on an apprentice.

For more information on our services for businesses and how an apprenticeship could work for you, get in touch today on 01795 411 970. Alternatively, you can email the centre at