Driving up Standards

The Skills Centre are about to complete a Caterham Kit Car that Year 9, 10 and 11 students for SCC have assembled after school since September last year. The kit has been sponsored by the Invicta Rotary Club and the students have given every spare moment of their time to bring the project to completion.

During their time working on the car, the students have increased their knowledge and learnt many skills, from knowing the different types of mechanical fixings and how they are used, parts of the car and how they work, to problem solving, working as a team and explaining their work to Rotary members that visit from time to time.

Now that the car is completed, it is returned to Caterham at Dartford, where it is checked over and sold as a complete car to a member of the public who may then drive it as a fun car or even race it around circuits, such as Brands Hatch.

Roger Selling, Senior Engineering Tutor, said, “the whole project has been fantastic and the students have worked so hard. They are a credit to themselves and the school, and the real skills they have learnt will be something they will benefit from for the rest of their lives”.

The students involved with the project were: Jamie Christian, George Creasey, Samuel Creasey, Jordan Day, Jake Howell, Harry Lee, Lewis Musk, Ruarai O’Neill, Daniel Piles, Kyle Thurlow and Sam Wakefield.

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